The Emotion Code is a form of Energy Healing, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which uses muscle-testing to find and release trapped emotions from our physical or energetic bodies. Because our bodies are simply energy at the subatomic level, negative emotions (also energy) that have been ‘trapped’ create imbalances. Over time, these imbalances show up as symptoms – from aches and pains to emotional distress, relationship difficulties, etc. – they can impact our overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The Emotion Code frees up the limited energy supply of our bodies; allowing their natural healing capability to reverse the disease process and often, emotional and physical ailments disappear.


Our heart has been called our ‘second brain’ in terms of the way it communicates with us through its own system of thinking or remembering experiences. This has become apparent in heart-transplant stories where new recipients suddenly have the affinities, memories, or values which were held by their heart donors. Just as our subconscious mind can direct our body to trap emotions and protect us from overwhelmingly negative experiences; it can also direct our heart to put up an energy wall of protection around it, too.

An estimated 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall, which hampers our ability to give and receive love, maintain healthy relationships, and possess a sense of true belonging. Feelings of isolation, a lack of clarity or connection to Spirit and Self, or even physical pain in the neck and shoulders may be symptomatic of a Heart-Wall.


Heart-Walls usually carry a symbolic ‘depth’ and ‘material,’ which feels safe or comforting to each of us. Over the course of multiple, focused sessions, we are able to peel back the Heart-Wall layer by layer like an onion. It is truly empowering to remove these layers of emotional baggage which get in the way of our heart communicating with those around us!