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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The human energy field contains (at least) seven layers of information, each with their own pattern, color and vibration, which together make our aura. When I talk about the energy field, I also consider the Meridians and Chakra System, as they both interact with the physical body and influence the aura. This is truly a multi-book topic – and there are many published works out there you can explore.

Because our energy fields are incredibly complex, it is important to protect them and tune into the health of our energy just as we would care for our physical, mental, and emotional worlds.

I’ll take you through my method of Centering, Grounding, and Shielding to do just that! With practice, this exercise can be done in bed at the beginning and ending of each day in just a few minutes. Like anything new, it takes time to explore and become efficient with. However, the positive effects of caring for our energy field are immediate!


Centering is the simple act of returning all our scattered energy to ourselves. Simply recall your day and call in all your bits of attention and focus that may have gone to coworkers, your computer, traffic, etc. Visualize your energy returning to the ‘center’ of your spiritual body - follow your intuition - for some, ‘center’ is the Solar Plexus Chakra, for some perhaps the Heart Chakra. Focus on your breathing; inhale white light as the energies return and exhale any unrest until you feel all of your energies have returned.


Next is Grounding, which connects our personal energy to that of the earth. It helps us to feel ‘grounded’ (calm, present, peaceful), prevents energy depletion, and promotes connectedness to the natural world. Visualize your bare feet on the bare earth and then send roots down from your feet, deep into the earth’s layers. Use your intuition and play with the details - what kind of roots these are, their quantity and quality, your environment, etc. – it is different for everyone! Again, inhale and draw the earth’s energy (white light) up through the roots into your body. Exhale and send the roots deeper or wider, growing them stronger.


Shielding is the last step; it protects your energy from any negative influences around you by delineating a clear boundary at the edge of your field. You may intuitively develop your own system of shielding over time – but this general shield is a great place to start. While grounded, draw up the earth’s energy from your roots into the center of your body. From this center, visualize a clear, bubble-like barrier forming and stretching all the way in front of you. Then wrap it up and over your head, down your back and under your feet, and surrounding you on all sides. Make sure you visualize this protection at the edge of your energy field – about 6 feet away from your body. Set your intention for a shield that allows your own energies to leave, but which allows only positive energy of equal or greater value to your own to pass through. Anything else can be set to ‘ground’ – returning any negative energies your shield catches to the earth to be neutralized.

Everything is energy!

Whether directed toward you or not, we can all absorb negative and positive energy from other people or the world around us. We may or may not be aware that it is happening. Shielding is like a muscle that has to be built up over time – you may sense it has come down and have to put it back up several times throughout the day when starting out. Shields often drop when we are asleep, so start each day with your Centering, Grounding, and Shielding exercise before your feet hit the floor. All of these steps can also be implemented independently – at any time of day.

Pro tip #1:

If you are particularly energy sensitive you may still feel when strong negative energies encounter your shield, but trust that you are not actually absorbing it. You can also visualize ‘washing’ your bubble in the bath or shower, sending any stuck negative energy down the drain.

Pro tip #2:

When traveling, take your roots with you! While each of us are different in the way we root, distance can make grounding more difficult for some. Before leaving for an overnight trip, take a few moments to ‘retract’ your roots from the earth and visualize them as little root balls (think how a potted plant looks when you first buy it) entwined with some soil from the place you root. Take them with you and let them down again once you’re settled in a new place for the night. So fun, right?!

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