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The end of September is a significant time of year for me – all in one week was the Equinox, first day of Autumn, and a new moon right before my birthday on September 30th. It has been – a lot! One way that I get clear about my intentions and goals for the changing season is by working with the altar I have set up in my home. This is a topic I knew very little about until a couple of years ago through my ordination studies.

An altar is simply an intuitive, personal, and uplifting space to be inspired.

Having an altar does not need to be religiously affiliated, if that does not resonate with you. It can simply be a space where you meditate, place items to remember loved ones, or keep vision boards/imagery and items that honor your journey. Having just completed the ‘redesign’ of my altar, here are a few tips and ideas to get you started:

1. Consider the direction of your house in which the altar is placed.

Different teachings carry unique wisdom as to the significance of each direction. My altar is in the East of my home to honor the beginning of each day; the sun is a source of light and wisdom.

2. Make an intentional choice for the table or surface which makes up your altar.

My altar surface is a table my Grandmother owned, and it is one of the most meaningful pieces of furniture I own.

3. Reflect on what person aspects of your life could use a little energetic focus.

In my personal life, I am working through a challenging season of balancing my work-related passions + finances. My intention is to open to greater abundance in the areas of both love and wealth.

4. Consider the Seasons and what feels present to you on a collective level.

The upcoming holiday season, gathering family, and the ancestral/inherited healing work I’ve been engaged with felt present for me.

5. Gather items that are meaningful and representative these concepts.

Some of my personal items include photos I’ve taken, prayers I’ve written, gifts or tokens others have given me, and various crystals + stones arranged in a grid which supports my intentions.

6. Move intuitively to guide the placement of each item.

For example, I have an object to represent my mother and father on my altar, following cues from the body for placement – yin, feminine energy is the left side and yang, masculine energy is the right side. An element of water (in the photograph) is represented; water is an emotional carrier as the ‘tears’ of the Earth.

All of this went together very intuitively, and remember that your intention in creating is everything! The best thing about having an altar is that every time my gaze falls upon it, I find myself re-energized and centered in my journey – which is a nice respite from our outwardly focused world. Enjoy!

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